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Best Smart Home Audio Installation Services

As our homes get smarter, Smart speakers, Amazon Alexa, Google home assistant, and Siri have become our reliable digital helpers.
We integrate smart audio on devices and provide our spoken commands to control home appliances, set timers, and play music. Also, we install a smart voice assistant system to teach our kids how to spell the assignment’s difficult words.

Our systems are integrated with smart speakers as the easiest way to keep running your house. In Control Tek will provide you with various installation plans to help you choose the best system, along with the right smart speaker and suitable voice assistant for your home.

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In the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, smart speakers’ shortcuts feature, we do set up rooms of multiple device control. We design systems’ multiple-step routines like ‘hey, light up the house!’ In Control Tek Solutions provides installations of complete home audio systems to allow our customers to choose from:

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Complete Smart Audio Solutions

Do more than play music to keep your smart home fully automated. Our home sound systems control more than you expect. Our experts can install a variety of professional, smart home audio systems, such as:

Multi-Room Audio

We provide integration of the audio system as a complete solution to your entire building. You can sound each room or play the same audio throughout your building. Our solution adds flexibility to your utility.

Smart doorbell

We install systems that allow you to choose your doorbell's sound in every room or only specified rooms. And also provides you with a sound notification when someone is standing at the door.

Security alarms

When of any danger such as a water leak, or burglary, the building will blast on a musical alarm to warn you. We value your security through our smart voice assistants that take care of any situation.

Features of Our Smart Audio Systems

Smart Home Theatres

We have designed a wide range of home theatre systems with innovative features. Each of our home theatre systems gives sufficient entertainment experience. You can turn into tunes with our technology that supports smartphone and tablet products.

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You can define a variety of text phrases that your home will announce over the smart speakers. For instance, you can create reminders like ‘open the garage door’ or any other
reminder you prefer.

Intelligent Automation

When you enter a home, our system will automatically activate the music. If the room is no longer occupied, the music will become deactivated.

Smart Home Audio Services | Orlando Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

How To Talk with Our Audio Systems?

All of our control systems use smart speakers which are summoned with activated words like ‘Alexa’ for Amazon Alexa, ‘Hey Google, for Google Home, and ‘Siri’ for Apple Siri. They are intelligent, and once they start listening to you, you may ask for whatever you want. These models are trained to understand the local language.

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New Ways to Experience Audio!

Beyond the basic music system for home, the audio assistants control other systems integrated by In Control Tek. 

Our systems come with an improved music scheme, option to set your preferred smart doorbell sound and the ability to receive text-to-speech announcements, and much more. With these systems installed, you control other smart home devices.

In Control Tek Is Your Ideal Partner

Each of our systems comes with the evolution of intelligent personal assistants. The smart speakers have added another dimension to home entertainment and automation. Before installation, we conduct a comparative analysis to bring you the current and perfect audio technology. Talk to us to get a better home entertainment center with a compatible control assistant.

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