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Enjoy an exceptionally luxurious & cinematic experience in your home

Whether you want to listen to some fresh music, watch a movie in surround sound, or set up a wide screen projector, a reliable and high quality home theater system will always remain a precious jewel in your home.

Our experts consider various important factors of your home so you can get the most out of your home theater and have a total entertainment system. We work hand-in-hand to help you design and configure your home theatre setup in a way that enables you to get the best and most immersive visual and sound experience.

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Immerse yourself in the best audio and video experience!

Our team strives constantly to offer reliable and high quality home theater entertainment systems at affordable rates. Call us at (407) 988-1200 today to get started with an appointment.

Home Theater Installation Solutions

High Quality & Latest Technology

We only work with select, industry leading manufacturers to ensure you receive the most advanced and high-quality home theatre service.

Performance & Reliability

All of our service and equipment is top of the line so you can have full confidence in you system and enjoy with peace of mind.​

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer quality customer care to ensure all of your inquiries are addressed on time so you know you're taken care of no matter what.

Custom home theater Design systems

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ultimate comfort & entertainment in your home

As one of the top home theatre installers in Orlando, we design custom home theaters to fit each of our client’s requirements. For us to develop the ideal tailored solution, we take into account and analyze all of your home requirements.

Whether you want a dual-purpose media center room with the latest 4K TV, a super-thin soundbar, in-wall surround, or a full surround sound home audio installation to accommodate over 20 people.

Designed Just How You Want It!

With many years of experience in the industry, our home entertainment installers provide you with plenty of options for setting your home theater installation. For example, a 5.1 home theater setup or pre-packaged smart home theater systems, and the cost of each.

Furthermore, we also provide you custom home theater systems with the option of adding or removing various features, such as the projector or surround speakers to ensure the project stays on your budget.

After we finalize the design requirements for your project, then we’ll acquire all the necessary equipment for setting up your entertainment system.

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Home Cinema system installation services Orlando | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

Experience You Can Trust Inside Your Home

We use only the best quality equipment to ensure that your system remains in great condition for a long time after installation. We bring together all the requirements, including furniture, equipmentaudio & video, cables, and any other necessities. 

Once we mount and calibrate the equipment, we conceal the wires because the last thing you would want is wires scattering over your home. And finally, we’ll clean your home sparkly just as you had left it.

Our team at In Control Tek has the expertise, skills and experience to be your home theater installer and get the job done right!

We can assist you with all your Entertainment System needs

A home theater is the ultimate entertainment media center for your home and our trained personnel are available round the clock to help you out with all of you video home theater and home electronics installation services. We also provide home theater system repair and provide servicing for all of your systems.

As one of the top Florida home theaters companies and with a combination of the latest technology and high-quality equipment, you have all reasons to trust us. We offer design and installation services, and we’re experts at what we do, so contact us today for high-quality and reliable home theater installation services.

Get started with an estimate by contacting our office today. We can schedule a home theater consultation to determine how we can create your best entertainment system today!

Your Business Entertainment Center

Aside from residential installations, we also attend to business enterprises with home theater services:

Business Commercial Entertainment Center Orlando Florida | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

A high quality home theater entertainment system helps you turn your dreams into reality. Call us at (407) 988-1200 today to start implementing a reliable home theater system for you.

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