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Security is a critical element in your household and you need to uphold it at all times for the safety of your family and property

A sure way of maintaining security is through the installation of a comprehensive residential surveillance camera system that helps you monitor and record all the activity within and around your home.

We understand that the power of a robust security camera and a home surveillance system can never be understated since it is the perfect tool to reduce the likelihood of crime and make sure you’re always protected.

Home security camera installation Orlando Florida | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

Provide the protection and peace your family deserves!

Our team strives constantly to offer reliable and high quality home security systems at affordable rates. Call us at (407) 988-1200 today to get started with a residential camera installation appointment.

Home Security Camera Surveillance

Motion Detection & Night Time

Document the most relevant footage and save storage with smart motion-sensing recording. And never be left in the dark with high detail, nighttime vigilance.

Reliable Security Indoor & Outdoors

With a variety of cameras suitable for any environment, we provide you versatile equipment that's durable and resistant to vandalism attempts as well as natural elements.

Wireless Recording & Monitoring

Convenient home surveillance installation of wireless cameras eliminate the hassle of wires. Remote monitoring of your camera feed can be seen directly in your phone.

Professional Security Camera Installation Service

Home security camera installation company Orlando Florida | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

Your Safety Is our #1 Priority

At In Control Tek, we’re committed to the safety and security of your family and household. Our goal is to make the process of securing your home easy and worry-free while providing you with the most comprehensive surveillance security system installation at the most exceptional value.

We help you evaluate all your possible vulnerabilities and provide you with honest recommendations to make sure you reduce any threats and ensure your safety.

Trusted Design & Professional Installation

Your security is only as dependable as the team who’s installing and configuring it. We are professional security camera installers and have a successful history of providing expert home security camera installation services.

We’ve been providing security camera installation in Orlando and Central Florida for over 15 years and have the expert knowledge and experience to provide you with the best security camera system design, installation, and configuration for your home.

We only utilize the most reliable cameras and equipment in the industry to ensure that your surveillance camera system will perform at peak condition and serve you for a long time, even withstanding elements such as dust, water, poor weather, low visibility, and much more.

Security cameras for home installation Orlando Central Florida | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation
Home surveillance camera installer Orlando Florida | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

Reduce Your Vulnerability & Minimize Risks

We provide the best Orlando security camera installation services and always make sure to provide installation of cameras near you, regardless of where you live. 

Implementing a professional home surveillance system and CCTV cameras are the best tools to help you with round-the-clock monitoring of your residence and want the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of crime and burglary.

Our team always has your needs in mind and we work hand-in-hand to ensure the protection of your home is strong, up to date, and complete.

We can assist you with all your Home Security & Surveillance needs

For an assured, comfortable living in your home, security should be a number one priority. It ensures that you and your family are safe at all times, without any disturbance coming your way, such as burglary or trespassing.

As one of Orlando’s best security camera company, we know that residential security camera installation is an ideal option, especially if you want to monitor what’s happening in your home. And advancements in security camera technology have made it possible to connect right from your mobile phone.

Get started with an estimate by contacting our office today. We can schedule a home security consultation to determine how we can best secure your household today!

Your Complete Security Solution

No matter your needs, we provide a variety of solutions that can match your requirements. Even if you need assistance in securing your business.

We always have you covered!

Residential surveillance camera installations Orlando Florida | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

A high quality surveillance system helps keep your home safe as it should. Call us at (407) 988-1200 today to start implementing a reliable security camera system for you.

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