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In business, having a store allows your customers to have a feel of the tangibility of the products before they make a purchasing decision.

This crucial role can only be executed if the store and the inventory in it are protected from theft and other forms of crimes.

At In Control Tek, we believe that all businesses should have a highly effective and convenient store security system.

Industry Solutions

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Guided by this, we have polished our brand over the years to offer top-of-the-pack store security cameras and first-rate store security camera installation services in Orlando.

To support our great installation works, we offer top-grade store security cameras available to all of our clients.

Our team strives to offer reliable and high quality Store Security Cameras & Installation services at affordable rates. 

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Security cameras available in Your shop

Since each of these cameras plays a distinct role in protecting your store and inventory, we can advise that you install several and integrate them on the same security network to ensure full coverage.

Professional box cameras

Professional box cameras come with a square box housing, meaning that they can withstand various elements and weather conditions. The versatility these cameras come with makes them suitable for store outdoor.

Dome security cameras

These cameras come with dome-shaped housing; hence are also as versatile as box cameras. They provide clearer coverage and we highly commend them for people looking for versatility and aesthetics in a camera. Because of the shape, it is difficult to tell the direction.

Hidden security cameras

A hidden or discreet camera allows you to film people without their knowledge. This camera type is only practical to install inside your store. Because the cameras have tiny sizes and disguises, they're easy to hide from clever burglars that know about your other security cameras.

Infrared bullet cameras

Bullet cameras have a distinct cylindrical shape that looks like a bullet shell. They have a longer range hence can be used to view your store’s outdoor area. They are easy to mount and are cost-effective.

PTZ controllable cameras

These cameras have controls that you can use to pan, tilt and zoom on a specific area. If you have a relatively large store, this is the security camera you need.

Wireless security cameras

Wireless store surveillance cameras capture detailed images, video and audio signals and transmit them to a wireless receiver through a radio band.

Store Security Cameras & Installation services

This is where we visit your store and evaluate your store elements such as lighting, size, and coverage needed to know the most suitable places to install your cameras.

We will also explain to you what every piece of layout data means and how it dictates the kind of security cameras you need.

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Camera DVR Cabling And Power System Mounting | Security Cameras & Surveillance, Cabling & Networking, Audio & Video, Smart Home Automation

After we successfully plan for an installation, we will come in with all the equipment and tools to mount the entire surveillance system.

Our experts have many years of experience handling the installation of all these components and will only leave your establishment on confirming that the system offers maximum security and shoplifting protection.

Technical support

At In Control Tek, we have learnt that technical support offers a lot of convenience for our clients.

If, for example, you have forgotten how to access and download a certain store CCTV footage, we can come in and help you out.

Our dedicated technical support team is always ready to help you, so feel free to contact us anytime.

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Why Secure Your Store With Us?

We cater to the needs of a wide range of business stores

Our team of store security cameras experts is diversified and can handle installation works for various stores from jewelry, convenience, grocery, flower, drugs store, etc.

We offer highly competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our store security camera installation services are affordable and suitable for stores, shops and businesses of all sizes. We offer value for every cent you spend on us and let your business success lead us forward.

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We are also very careful to pay attention to details. From the way we carefully select the security cameras that fit your business store needs to the way we configure the system for optimal coverage, you will just know you are working with the leading company in this industry!

Get started with an estimate by contacting our office today. We can schedule a Store Security Camera Installation to determine how we can install your best security system today!

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